WebSockets – C#

Recently I have done some research regarding WebSockets in C# and found two open source libraries – WebSocket4Net and SuperWebSocket.
I found they very powerful but I missed any good example of their work as a couple so I created demo which shows them in action.

Maybe someone will find it useful too:)

I’m using two open source libraries:

My demo placed on GitHub: WebSocketsDemo

Included sources contain two project with selfdescriptive names:


This post is also available in: polish

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  1. Hi Maga,
    This is awesome. Big thx to you!

    1. download
    2. load .sln
    3. build
    4. go into debug dir and start Server: WebSocketsServerDemo.exe
    5. go into debug dir and start Client: WebSocketsClientDemo.exe

    6. start chatting 😀

  2. Searched long and hard today for all kinds of socket connections and examples. Finally found yours with the info I needed. Thank you.


  3. Thank you so much for putting an example out there. It was hard to understand and code everything from scratch using SuperWebSocket and WebSocket4Net. This simplified my life.

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